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FACEBOOK assistance for brands!

When you notice that your timeline posts appears to have stopped updating, or some posts are missing, than you might have to change some settings within your Facebook page.

In order for your post to be displayed in you would need to remove any audience restrictions so that it’s “Public”. You can tell whether a post is public as it will have a “globe” icon at the top (shown below):



If a post is still missing from the timeline(s) then check whether it contains one of these “Send Message” buttons (shown below) and if it does, then you can either remove it from the (original) Facebook post. You rather don’t use such a “Send Message” button when promoting your brand into



Note: Messages from non-public Facebook pages or shared from a user’s personal profile cannot be viewed in for the privacy protection of individuals.

INSTAGRAM assistance for brands!

If you only use Instagram and your Facebook days seem to be over, we strongly advise you to pick it up again and link your Facebook page to your Instagram page. Facebook still has an incredible number of users and you don’t want to let your audience miss some of your Instagram publications! Why not bet on the two of them great platforms!

When you link the pages, you can keep on posting onto Instagram, which will be reposted onto Facebook and your company can make use of and TEGELS.NL systems.

  • Click here for the method how to link your Instagram account to your Facebook profile.

When done, you can also share from Instagram to a Facebook page you manage.

Be smart, and cognition will empower your customers!